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    Please upload below documentation :
    Company SSM I.C. Softcopy Clinic / Salon Photo (signboard, exterior & interior) * Please upload high resolution file (below 5MB) for verification | 请提供高清档案 (小于5MB)

    We hereby appoints the Distributor as a non-exclusive distributor subject to the terms and conditions below:

    1. Dealers must sell based on the retail price or promotional package provided by
    2. Courtesy discount shall not exceed 5% of the retail price.
    3. Dealers are not allowed to sell any Dermind products in Shopee and Lazada platform.
    4. Any new promotion/offer proposal must be request and approved by company.
    5. Without the consent of the company, dealers are not allowed to use any of the company’s intellectual property rights.
    6. Dealers shall not engage in any activity that may damage the company’s reputation or goodwill.
    7. The dealers acknowledges and agrees that the company may adjust prices.
    8. If the dealer is found to have lowered the selling price on its own, the dealer qualification will be removed immediately.
    9. This agreement shall take effect immediately upon submission until notification by either party.


    1. 经销商须根据www.dermind.my提供的零售价或促销配套进行销售.
    2. 礼节性折扣不超过零售价5%
    3. 经销商不允许在 Shopee 和 Lazada 平台销售任何 Dermind 产品
    4. 任何新促销/优惠提议必须通知并获得公司批准与指示进行
    5. 未经公司同意,经销商不得使用公司任何知识产权
    6. 经销商不得从事任何可能损害公司声誉或商誉的活动
    7. 经销商承认并同意公司可调整价格
    8. 如果发现经销商自行调低售价将立即移除经销商资格
    9. 本协议提交后即日生效至任何一方通知

    * Referral link shall not eligible for business account.
    * Online package offer not eligible for business account purchase.
    * All business account account orders are backorder and should make before 15th, It may take within 45 days to deliver or depending on stocks availability.

    * 推介链接不用于商业用户经销商
    * 网站优惠配套不售于商业用户经销商
    * 所有订单均以预购形式,每月15号之前预定,将在45天内发货或取决于库存

    Goods Receiving Important Reminder | 货到重要提醒:

    If the goods are deficient or damaged, they must be reported to the headquarters within 48 hours after the goods arrive, and submit a photo of the unpacked goods and a photo after being unpacked and goods assemble photo.

    Dealer Launch Promotion Price List | 经销商启动促销价格表:

    Less than RM3,000 | 少于RM3,000 Retail Price | 零售价 Per Order | 每单
    RM3,000 ~ RM8,000 50% Profit | 50%利润 Per Order | 每单
    RM8,000 ~ RM18,000 55% Profit | 55%利润 Per Order | 每单
    RM18,000 above | RM18,000 以上 * 60% Profit | 60%利润 Per Month | 每个月

    * Dealers need to complete purchases exceeding RM18,000 per month for 6 consecutive months (half a year) to enjoy the 60% discount (the monthly discount will still be calculated as 55%, and an additional 5% rebate will be given in the sixth month)
    * Calculation method: RM18,000 x 6 months = RM108,000, there will be a 5% cash rebate in the sixth month based on the total purchase volume, which is equivalent to RM108,000 x 5% = RM5,400
    * If the purchase volume exceeds RM18,000 per month cannot be continuously achieved in the meantime, we will recalculate until the cumulative total is 6 months to obtain an additional 5% rebate.

    * 商用客户需连续6个月(半年)完成每个月超过RM18,000的采购量,才能享有60%的折扣(每月仍会以55%折扣计算,第六个月才会回扣额外5%)
    * 计算方式:RM18,000 x 6个月 = RM108,000,在第六个月会回扣5%现金基于总采购量,相当于 RM108,000 x 5% = RM5,400
    * 若中间无法连续达成每个月超过RM18,000的采购量,我们会重新计算直到累计6个月,方能获得额外的5%回扣

    Price does not include postage / shipping fee | 价格不包括邮费